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No Room for Compromise (Behind the Book) Interview with Rick Renner

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In No Room for Compromise: Christ’s Message to Today’s Church, Rick Renner sets forth his most prophetic book to date. With a sobering charge to Christian leadership to stand up for faith in Christ — regardless of the price required to proclaim it in its purest form — Renner’s message is a clarion call: Winds of opposition against the Church are gathering.

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Praying For Those In Authority (by Rick Renner)

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Today we cherish the right to vote — and we must cherish it — but the pages of New Testament are silent on this subject because the concept of voting simply didn’t exist in the Roman Empire of the First Century.

Believers of New Testament times had no ability to vote, so they did what they could do and followed Paul’s SIX PRAYER COMMANDS (outlined in this article). I’m sure if they had been given the right to vote, they would have rushed to the polling booths to cast their votes. But the only vote they could cast was in prayer — so they prayed!

But imagine how history could have been changed if they had been able to go to the polling booth and vote for a change in leadership. Imagine how history CAN change when we decide to go to the throne of God — casting our votes through prayer.

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An Important Leadership Test (by Rick Renner)

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If you ever serve under a spiritual leader, you will undergo a big test to see how you respond to that leader’s humanity. Ultimately, if you judge him for being imperfect, you’re not mature enough to move into leadership yourself. You’re only setting yourself up for a terrible fall. In this excerpt from Rick’s book,“The Point of No Return,” Rick shares personal observations that can help you pass important leadership tests.

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